Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lucy's Entourage

WOW. What a great show, Stu! Okay folks, for the next week at 6-8pm central, 4-6pm pacific,
You can hear it too-on Lucy's Major Domo, Frank Gorey and her assistant, Wanda Clark, telling MANY stories that had never been told before, about this really GRAND Grand Dame of Comedy. I got a call in and asked about "Yours, Mine and Ours"- and how she was on a movie set as opposed to the TV stage. Great answers- great tales of the Desilu Legend. Stu Shostak, host, and also a Lucy insider, was truly at his best, as well.

Stu's Show... NEXT WEEK:
JERRY BECK! Author extrordinaire, and Cartoon Brew's self-confessed cartoon-a-holic as well as co-producer of Cartoon Dump! Whatashow! Same Bat Time Same Bat Channel!

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