Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back From San Diego!

Ok- For YEARS I've wanted to attend the World Famous San Diego Comic Con- This year, thanks to my Awesome Pals- Tony Yarborough and (Big Bad) Billy Brown- it became a reality!
The Love of my Life, the Beautiful Blanca G. Field encouraged me to take my first real vacation since my Best Friend, and Biggest Believer in me- my Dad, passed away in my arms, three years ago. It was really a difficult trip in many respects, mainly, because my last two visits to Sunny California, were made with my Dad- the last one included an unforgetable elevator ride with Snoop Dogg- who remarked-"Your Dad is a Real Trip- Man!"

I will try to go into great detail this week about the whole trip- but I want to Shout out to a father and son I met Friday night at one of the most Fun-tastic events I've ever attended- The Funko Funday Party at the Holiday Inn by the Bay Ballroom- Wild Bill and Wild Berk! They really reminded me of my wonderful relationship with my own Dad!- Thanks guys!