Friday, April 06, 2007


Happy Good Friday! Believe it or not, Five O began in 1967, This is a picture from the fine folks at of the Jack Lord Memorial, the sculptor poses with Lord. That statement would change to Biblical proportions if we were talking about Michelangelo.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

WOW! This cel was posted on John K.'s blog and lo and behold- the first image I've ever seen of Mr. E. Jay Ward's homage to the SHADOW! Mr. E.'s Cereal Mystereal was sold for about 6 months in limited areas. But this shows it was part of the Quisp and Quake line- He's Quake's "hero" teaching him how to save a damsel on train tracks-- "The Damsel" from Central Casting is late and the two get hit by a train waiting for her-ignoring Quisps alerts.- Funny Funny Stuff!

This was the Ad For the very first performance of the Bill Field Trip- Talk about flying by the seat of my pants--my friends David and Laura had a lot of faith in me and at some point thru the months I hosted a Live game show version while hosting kung fu movies-- much the way I did in the late eighties//early 90's on KABB-TV, actor Tom Lagleder and myself were the 2 chosen from 500 that tryed out -- There were a half dozen pretty women as Team 29 but the ladies of San Antonio pestered columnist Jeannie Jaeckel, for a couple of Bim-Bobs for the ladies. I was the comic relief, Tom was the Zeppo-- and considering his roles since on CSI and Frazier, he's sooooo lucky I taught him how to act. I'm kidding Tom, but I've written a pilot for us called BIMBOBS. have your people call my agent Marv, ok it's really me imitating Zulu as Kono from Hawaii Five O.


This Blog is going to feature a brand new comicstrip that I hope will be posted daily, Blog Counter Blog, where I debate an issue or event with another Blogcaster, Blogwurst- what's on the HOTdog List and what's on the S'NOTdog List? FIELD Investigation- Groundbreaking Investigative Cartooning -getting the lead out and straight to the point.