Thursday, April 05, 2007

This was the Ad For the very first performance of the Bill Field Trip- Talk about flying by the seat of my pants--my friends David and Laura had a lot of faith in me and at some point thru the months I hosted a Live game show version while hosting kung fu movies-- much the way I did in the late eighties//early 90's on KABB-TV, actor Tom Lagleder and myself were the 2 chosen from 500 that tryed out -- There were a half dozen pretty women as Team 29 but the ladies of San Antonio pestered columnist Jeannie Jaeckel, for a couple of Bim-Bobs for the ladies. I was the comic relief, Tom was the Zeppo-- and considering his roles since on CSI and Frazier, he's sooooo lucky I taught him how to act. I'm kidding Tom, but I've written a pilot for us called BIMBOBS. have your people call my agent Marv, ok it's really me imitating Zulu as Kono from Hawaii Five O.

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