Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gridiron -Full Mitt-y?

Scott as John Edwards- Sebby as Rudy G. and yours truly as Mitt Romney-- strippin' for Hillary- Thanks to Todd B. for the great pic!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Gridiron was a bigggg success, I'm rested up, and back for more!

The 2007 San Antonio edition of the National Gridiron Franchise is in the can-- and it was a Big Hit! Nora Lopez, ran a great production as usual. Scott Huddleston acted up a storm and won our Best Actor Award, and best supporting actor, Ray Minor was a major pile of MULCHIE !
I was really proud of the band, Scott, and Bill Pack, in my song, "Cheney's Got A Gun", which I wrote, and sang as Shrub Bubba W. I'll post more about this sell-out performance later tonight, with any luck.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Jeff O.-Time Travel is Possible-same age as Jack B!

Jeff O'Boyle is one of those folks, that, thanks to the internet, has made a true lasting contribution of some of the BEST interviews from people in TV and animation. My favorite TTIP-interview, the late great Paul Winchell, despite what that lying snake Jarvick says in the Lipitor commercials, really was the true innovator and inventer of the artificial heart. Lara Parker, Dark Shadow's Angelique, Janet Waldo, and more... HAPPY 39TH Jeff O! You and Jack Benny are the same age now!