Friday, November 02, 2007

Jeff O.-Time Travel is Possible-same age as Jack B!

Jeff O'Boyle is one of those folks, that, thanks to the internet, has made a true lasting contribution of some of the BEST interviews from people in TV and animation. My favorite TTIP-interview, the late great Paul Winchell, despite what that lying snake Jarvick says in the Lipitor commercials, really was the true innovator and inventer of the artificial heart. Lara Parker, Dark Shadow's Angelique, Janet Waldo, and more... HAPPY 39TH Jeff O! You and Jack Benny are the same age now!


Jeff O'Boyle said...

Aw, shucks, Bill. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! What a pleasant surprise. Honestly, this is one of the nicest (and no doubt one of the widest-reaching) birthday greetings I've ever gotten.

As you might know, I actually turned "39" at the end of September (though I've only now -- as in Nov. -- gotten used to saying it). Guess I do have a little bit of Jack Benny in me. So you were right on time and right on the money, JackSpit!

Dan Hollis kept the Frankenstein greeting he surprised me with up all October on account of Franky being my favorite monster and on account of it making a good decoration for Halloween. It may have also served as a wink to Dan on account of his soon to be joining me and Jack at 39. I've told my co-host the water's fine at 39, so when he takes the plunge, it will be smooth sailing.

I suspect next year Jeff O. will pass Jack B. and hit forty, but at least there will be [God willing] over twenty more years of TIME TRAVEL before I retire to Jack's hometown of Waukegan. I wonder where I can find some of that vanishing cream that was good to Mr. Benny. Even in radio, it may come in handy someday. "Oh, Rochester, it'll be our secret."

I said this once before, but I'm so happy the Paul Winchell interview means so much to you. That was Dan's baby, and Doc South was really happy that day, too. It's touched the hearts (no pun intended) of a number of listeners. We feel very blessed that Winch stayed for the second hour. I love how he was afraid he was imposing by staying so long, as if there was anyone else WRNJ wanted on the line at that moment. That particular moment is priceless to me, especially so after he passed away.

Thanks for the love for the ladies Lara and Janet, too, pal! Maybe we can all go on a FIELD TRIP together sometime, should there be a fine Sixties-Television exhibit somewhere between Texas and New Jersey. Maybe Dan and I can pick you up in the time machine. Hopefully, it will be the "good" Angelique Bouchard Collins who journeys with us, and so it will be safe to eat the pie she bakes for the day. Or maybe Judy Jetson can push a few buttons in the kitchen of the future and can whip up the refreshments for the trip.

Thanks again!

Bill Field said...

Jeff! Thanks buddy o' pal- this is the Mutual Admiration Society here-- I mentioned your show on someone else's show the other day- I won't say which Show, Cuz, then I'd be in a real Stew. After that klunky sentence you probably know what show- in spite of the "clever" way I spelt it.(Is spelt a real word?)
I may be hosting a show soon, myself, more on that- as it develops. I really want to interview Arnold Stang-- I don't know if he will do one-- or how to reach him- So, Arnie, if your'e out there--- be a real Top Cat, and let me know!
Jeff I hope you comment often on here-- and, again-- Happy Belated Boithday!as Spooky the Tuff Ghost might say!