Thursday, October 18, 2007

OK----time to bulk it up!

I have to admit, I had expected to get this "albatross" off the ground in better fashion, MONTHS ago. But, between working on 2 pilots, my participation in GRIDIRON, yes I'll be reprising my role as President W, as well as a GEICO caveman, Bill O'Reilly, Mitt Romney- funny how the "Left" Fieldster here, always gets the Right Wing Roles...

Randy Martin, my great friend, Co- Gig, and fellow UNT alumni, has his, and terrific wife/partner Kathy's, first episodes of A&E's Biography tonight-WHITNEY HOUSTON -"Crack is WHACK!" followed right after by BEYONCE- She's "Divalicious!"

Prolific author and broadcaster from across yonder pond--UK's Brian Sibley was gracious enough to look in on this blog--mentioned my sparse content, rightly so--- But I am using that as a springboard to get the FIELDtrip on the road and into shape. Brian, I hope you keep stopping by, as I'll be posting video, illustrations and hopefully, entertaining you with my BillFieldness... THANKS BRIAN!

My cousin and look alike, Lyle Lovett was here in Alamoville(SA), and performed at the Majestic, Sunday--- He's really one of the great entertainers, and a true original, and my only famous relation! Ya Gotta Lovett!


Brian Sibley said...

I'm back!

Congratulations and I look forward to taking extended Bill Field trips over the coming months...

Bill Field said...

Thank you Brian! And thanks for the impetus I needed to "Trip"-out!
Terrific, too that my first comment left here is from someone whose work has been really inspirational, both as author and broadcaster! You are "Sibley" the best!--- I can't avoid a bad pun!
I look forward to posting topics on the likes of C.S. Lewis, A.A. Milne and Peter Jackson that you are a leading authority on!
Thanks again, Brian!